UVEPA (Argentine Ice Speed Skaters Union)

UVEPA (Argentine Ice Speed Skaters Union) has as an object

a) To gather all sportsmen and women who practice ice speed skating in the Argentine Republic under a unique direction and regulation.

b) To direct, organize, promote and develop the practice of ice Speed skating in all the national territory.

c) To exercise as unique authority the direction and representation of the sportsmen that practice ice Speedy skating in the national and international field.

d) To organize, participate, sponsor and supervise national and international championships, tournaments, seminaries, events, and shows.

e) To Spread and encourage the practice of ice Speed skating for women and their access to directive functions.

f) To Select and name national teams or sportsmen representative of our country in the international field.

g) To dictate and carry out the regulations that would be necessary for the fulfillment of our goals and functions. To act according to the rules of the national organization and the international organizations that directs this sport.

h) To collaborate with the authorities and national, provincial or municipal organizations ,the Argentine Olympic Committee and the Sport National Secretary regarding the promotion and spreading of ice-speed skating practice. Collaborate to the organization of competitions or events, assessing whenever it is required.

i) To Preserve the sport practice respecting Fair Play and fight against the use of substances prohibited by the international Olympic Committee and by the international federation of the sport.


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UVEPA Todos los derechos reservados
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